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When planning for your future, it is important to consider what will happen to your estate when you pass on. Many people mistakenly believe that their assets and properties will automatically be given to their spouses or children, but without a proper estate plan in place, you actually have no control over how your hard-earned assets will be divided.

In addition, an estate plan doesn’t just dictate how you wish your property to be handled after your death; it can also be used to ensure that your children are properly cared for, that your wishes are known and met should you become incapacitated, that your business continues to provide for your family well into the future, and that your legacy is protected.

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Our Estate Planning Services

As previously mentioned, estate planning is very important. That being said, how do you know where to begin? If you haven’t begun your estate plan, the process can seem overwhelming. After all, everyone’s situation is unique—how do you know whether you need a will, a trust, or a power of attorney?

While you can create an estate plan without assistance, an experienced attorney can help you understand all of your available planning options. An estate plan can quickly become complicated with your financial situation and personal goals, and a lawyer for estate planning is the best place to get answers to your questions.

When you meet with our Staunton estate planning attorneys, we provide personalized, one-on-one legal counsel. Our lawyers can assess your situation, listen to your goals, and provide you with estate planning strategies aimed at achieving those goals.

Our comprehensive estate planning services include but are not limited to:

  • Drafting and validating wills, as well as living wills
  • Creating trusts, including special needs trusts
  • Writing out advanced medical directives
  • Composing durable powers of attorney
  • Establishing guardianships and/or conservatorships

We know that every estate is different and, therefore, we do not employ a one-size-fits-all approach to estate planning. Instead, we help you find solutions that meet yourparticular needs.

Our Estate Administration Services

In Virginia, estate administration is the process of settling an estate after the owner of the estate has died. If the deceased named an executor in his or her will, this person is in charge of ensuring that the deceased’s wishes (as outlined in the will) are carried out. If there is no existing will, the court will appoint an administrator who will serve as the personal representative of the estate.

Most estates in Virginia will need to pass through the probate process. Simply put, this is the process of distributing the deceased’s assets and properties (either according to his/her will or in accordance with state/local laws), meeting any financial obligations the deceased had, and paying off the deceased’s debts. Executors and administrators are responsible for many things during probate, including providing a valid death certificate to the court, notifying all heirs of probate proceedings, overseeing the valuation of the deceased’s estate, and ensuring that the deceased’s wishes are carried out and that property is distributed properly. A will can also be contested in probate court.

If you are the executive, administrator, or an heir to an estate, Tucker Griffin Barnes can help you navigate the estate administration process. Our Staunton estate administration attorneys have helped thousands of clients in the area; let us provide you with the answers and personalized legal assistance you need.

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